Monday, October 29, 2012

this just in

the earlier post today, below, that is cringeworthy and just filling space because i am behind on new work was so disappointing when i checked my blog this morning. and then, i checked my email and master calligrapher nancy sent me this really beautiful envelope to share. thank you nancy, it is sooooo pretty. it looks to me like it started with brush lettering and then the details might have been done with a G-Tec. so...maybe I just need to take a G-Tec to those two below.

thanks again, nancy!!


  1. and i am pretty excited about my pixilating tool that i is not as good as the smudge tool that i can't find any more....but, it is better than some of the odd things i have used to block out addresses.

  2. Thank you jean for providing incredible inspiration - I always look forward to seeing what you do & what you receive!

    Sandy S
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