Saturday, October 20, 2012

jeri - artsy

it's too bad i feel the need to cover up addresses. this looks like marbling and it looks like linda was using other elements to fill in the spaces and that white square is really distracting. so, i guess our design lesson for the day is to take a class or workshop in marbling and bring some envelopes and then just have fun with them.....
some envelopes are experimental. you don't know where they are going....
wandering aimlessly, probably something that we don't do very often, but we would probably be re-charged if we did. i think that's what i like about the blog. it's pretty aimless, but, i enjoy the things that pop up along the way. and for the people who check in daily or never know what to expect.  or do you?

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  1. jeri emailed this comment to me
    ".linda and I were marbling in my back yard some years ago. We read up on it and barely knew what we were doing but we had fun doing it, hanging all our envies on the clothesline to dry. Ended up with some pretty bad marbling but some funky envelopes (that we mostly used to correspond with each other!"
    so, it is even better than a class or workshop. it is someone (or sometwo) trying something on their own. many people are afraid to try something unless they take a class, but to just dive in to some new process or technique is a splendid idea. thanks for posting the comment, jeri