Thursday, July 5, 2012

right brain / left brain - quilt

ok, fourth try and i like this one. i even like that the stamp is a quilt because i think quilts are a good example of a right brain activity for left brain people. i could not discipline myself to sew a quilt and make all the intersections exact. well, maybe i could if someone was going to pay me a million dollars or something. but, it is not something i care to do.

i frequently have students who want to learn calligraphy and it takes a certain amount of discipline. when they discover that it is not a pure right brain activity ,they are so disappointed. i wonder if there are any activities that are purely right brain.

anyhow, this envelope is a bit of a mess, but, i'm ok with it. it would take a lot of time to produce a really spectacular right brain left brain envelope. there will not be time until the wedding season is over. but maybe someone who reads the blog will take the idea and run with it.

i put the tulips on before i even looked for a stamp. they need to be removed.

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