Wednesday, July 4, 2012

grateful dead

this is from the grateful dead envelope archive. they have a lot of envelopes and. many of them feature the kind of decorations we did on our notebooks in high school. they are fun - more like doodles than actual *artwork*. i thought this one was interesting, although it does not have any of the usual dead-head motifs. the one below has a skeleton and roses, two of the most popular dead-head motifs.
if you want to look at all of them, here is a link to their site, thanks to my friend chuck, who finds all kinds of *grate* stuff on the web :-)  the envelopes are from the olden days when tickets were only available through the mail and there was a lottery to get them. i would create beautiful envelopes for my dead-head husband, hoping that the prettier envelopes would be selected. a while back, we were contacted by someone who was publishing a book of dead-head ticket request envelopes and they wanted to include one of mine. i can't find mine in this archive. i believe it is somewhere in my blog archive....but, i don't like it enough to look for it.

would someone please tell me why grateful is spelled grate instead of great? why would you be full of grate? unless you worked in a kitchen, grating cheese.


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