Wednesday, July 11, 2012


the top item is a mini-envelope that is a sample of a name tag that the washington guild used for an event.  i did not attend, but, elizabeth sent me a sample because she knew i would appreciate seeing one. adorable.

below is an envelope that i don't think i have posted yet. it was done by jerry naylor back in the day when my mom was the treasurer for our guild. the guild has morphed into a club, so we do not collect dues any more. jerry also filled out his check in beautiful writing.

my favorite part of the envelope is the small writing on the address. beautiful sweeping strokes on the Rs.


  1. Love your blog posts. Is there a brand or type of envelope that takes ink better then others?

  2. William Arthur envelopes are very nice. You have to order them through a stationery store or you can get them online. I also like Waste Not papers. You can get them through Paper-Source. Those are my two favorites. Crane's envelopes are very nice and you can buy them at nice stationery stores. There is a brand called Southworth that is sold at office supply stores. They have different types of paper and envelopes for resumes. The most expensive type is 100% cotton and it is very nice. Those would be my 4 favorites. Fabriano and Arturo are fine art papers that are available online and through art stores. I have not written on either of them for years, but, I imagine they are very nice. It also depends on what kind of ink or gouache you are using. And, I should mention that Crane's makes a paper called Lettra that is specifically for letterpress and it can be the worst paper ever. If you want detail, let me know and I can put on a world-class rant about the horrors of Lettra.