Thursday, April 26, 2012

suzy - presents

there has already been one where i could not spell suzy's last name. i was so annoyed when i kept making mistakes that this one was tossed in the waste basket. then i pulled it out and used it to test markers to try to find ones that had any juice left. then, i started liking the random rectangles...and eventually, i thought....oh, i can fix that one. it's not so bad.

this whole thought process came shortly after one of my classes. i teach a class called art for the intimidated. it is 7 weeks of trying all kinds of different mediums and techniques to figure out what kind of class you really want to take. on painting day, we start with watercolor and i give everyone a smaller sheet of paper and teach them to do a couple practice dabs on the paper to see what color is actually loaded in the brush. as they are nearing the end of the project, i point out to them that some of the test sheets are actually better than the paintings they are working on. so, that becomes a lesson under-thinking vs. over-thinking when it comes to making marks.

so, the colors on this envelope are not pleasing, and, i will probably go back and add a couple more presents. and tweek the colors by adding colored pencil....and who knows what... but, it was fun to salvage something that was in the waste basket. it would have been PERFECT...if she had a PO box....and i could have worked that into the design.

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