Wednesday, April 18, 2012

red slanted

more from the series of red samples. this is fun to do and i see this style on the wedding blogs. but so far, nobody in iowa wants to use it. maybe it is a trend that is never going to make it to the midwest.


  1. So how do you do it? It has to be difficult to switch to this angular style from beautiful cursive. I actually have a bride interested in this and I said 'sure, I can do it', but egads - I do not like it at all.

  2. i love doing this style and for some reason, i do not have difficulty switching. if you think of doing an italic with a pointed bottom, then you get into that rhythm. i guess it is like a hybrid. i know this styles is not popular with some of the scribes... but, maybe if you tried one job, you would have fun with it. it goes a lot faster, so you make more dollars per hour. it is very freeing to not have to write on straight lines.