Monday, April 9, 2012

elizabeth 5

i am cringing at the sloppy start on the double ruled line. i was too lazy to use a ruler because if you run markers along the edge of a ruler you have to do some serious cleaning to get all the marker off the ruler. so, i was just using a piece of paper that i had pulled from the waste basket and folded it a couple times to make a straight edge. honestly....i do not think i could get any lazier. but, i do like the idea of these stamps as finials. i would have preferred to use a green pen for the street/city/state. but, i do not have a fine pen in that exact shade of green and i probably put color matching/harmony pretty high on my list of rules worth following.

this may not look like neuland. but, i assure you, the placement of each stroke is based on a lot of what you see in neuland. maybe i need to invent my own style to go along with Jeanerian (my version of Spencerian) called Jeuland. But considering many people pronounce Neu as New, I would probably go with Joyland, which is good name and reflects the joyful, playful fun that i have with neuland.

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