Wednesday, March 14, 2012

ccc - jan

in the world of lettering, balloon letters are usually considered *cheezy.* i do not know what the politically correct term is. they certainly do not get much respect. i seldom defend them, but, i do not like to tell them that they are ugly or unworthy. i suppose we all draw the line somewhere. there are alphabets that i will not even talk about because they are so.... crude. but, balloons are happy and there are times when a balloon name might be appropriate. and i say, if you are going to make balloon letters, don't go half way, make sure they are actual balloons. add a little highlight, a knot, and a string.

i would have liked to figure out a better way to show the last name, but i was liking the way the word *flier* was in there, and amelia looked like she was doing her impersonation of the letter I.

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