Wednesday, March 7, 2012

ccc alyce

another one that will be finished during the workshop. it does not need a lot more, just some dark lines. markers that are just starting to dry up are so nice. it is obvious that the middle name was written first and then the top name and then the bottom name. but how did i get it to go dark again for the zip? well, i guess you have to come to the workshop and find out. i will post the answer after the workshop. first i have to see if anyone guesses. guesses are accepted here on the blog, too.


  1. The first thing that came to my mind was that you sprayed the marker with ink refresher that is used for ink pads. I look forward to seeing it in person.

  2. good guess. i did not know there was such a thing as an ink refresher.

  3. I guess that means I was wrong. 8-)
    The product is called Perfect Ink Refresher and is manufactured by Ranger. It rehydrates and conditions ink pads and water base markers.

  4. that's good to know.
    the zig markers i use are not water base.
    i'll tell you the trick now.
    you turn the nib over.
    as the ink is used up on one side, there is more on the top
    which you can get to by turning it over.
    this only works for a while.
    eventually, the whole marker is dry
    and you do have to throw it away.
    you can also get more ink out of it by storing it standing on one end.
    you have to choose which nib you want to get the extended use out of.
    i usually put making tape around the end i don't want to use any more
    so that i don't keep checking that end.
    thanks for participating in the guess.
    i wonder if anyone else goes back to read the string of comments?

  5. After reading your reply, I looked at my Zig's and see that they are pigment ink. I guess I never thought about what type of ink they were and assumed they were water based ink like my Tombows.
    I store my markers horizontally. I'll have to remember your tip when one of them starts to get dry. I usually am using the larger end.
    I guess we'd see if someone else is reading our comments if you ask the question at the workshop and see how many know the answer. 8-)