Tuesday, March 6, 2012

beth - post it pinwheel

beth sends me some really good challenges. she wants the words *focal point* written around the star.

she has 10 letters and an 8 pointed star. it will be easy to tell the I that he has to either share a space with the o or the n. then two other letters have to share space. do we have any volunteers?
the lower case L is a skinny letter, but i think it is pretty hard to use upper and lowercase and have it be legible when it is in a circle.

maybe we need to flip the ball back into bath's court and ask her why she wants the words in a circle?

i'm being a little bit *uncooperative,* because i have a (quick and easy) solution that i love....but, i don't want to just tell her. i think she might recall one of my mantras....the one that is the solution to this challenge. not that there is only one solution. but, i do like the idea that you can solve every single problem in the universe with a list of 5 solutions. maybe 6 or 7. but, i am a big fan of simplicity. or maybe i am simple. is simple good or bad? can you be too simple? beth will respond to this via traditional email and i will relay her response :-) along with the solution that i hope has just come to her....

p.s. we  can see beth's instruction to take the white card off the colorful background, which i did, but then i put it back, because the colors were so pretty.

i also like the way the shapes in my name, Jean, on the envelope are pine-coney and beth did a good job with the greenery. it is inspired by the stamp without being matchy-matchy. and she has the address tucked in. she's been listening to my suggestions :-)))))

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