Wednesday, August 3, 2011

tami silver

this was a holiday card. the envelope is the translucent vellum. the card is too. i punched out snowflakes and glued them onto the strip of paper. was having fun with the silver marker. probably a sharpie. this was a go-to style when i had to crank out a lot of cards as fast as i could. i have a terrible time teaching this style. i think the name has some problems. but, the comment on the card is cute. tami is a very good artist, has a degree and also teaches, so she is aware that accidents are simple invitations to be more creative. it is one of those concepts that is hard to convince beginners that it is true. but once you realize that the accidents are like gifts...then you are freed from the weight of what-if-it-doesn't-turn-out-the-way-i-want-it-to.

some day, i will dig deep enough into my stash to find the cards that i received from tami. they were always gorgeous. and she clearly spent more time on her cards than i did on mine.

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