Saturday, August 27, 2011

more graceful

another envelope from the graceful envelope contest. i had to include this one because it looks like she started writing the word celebrate and after CELEBR
she realized she was running out of room and then got creative on the A and te. maybe not. maybe this was her plan. either way, it is a good example of inserting some alternatives into words.

i like the stamp in the lower left, but, i would have positioned it a little lower and a little to the right so that it did not cover up so much of the CE. i hope i don't sound critical. it is fine the way it is. but, i get feedback from people who appreciate comments and the *lessons* that i try to include. it is much easier to rip into my own envelopes. but, then i get people telling me to not be so hard on myself.

trust me....when i get picky, it is not about is just something that some people are born with. they have a need to arrange things. other people have a need to keep colors in correct balance. it is hard to describe. if someone has a name for this *condition* please post it in the comment section. i think it can apply to music, and food. clothes. people tend to have certain rules about the clothing they wear. i enjoy watching people debate the rules. there is no right or wrong. it's just this *thing* that seems to be hard wired into our brains. in classes, i call it a design sense. and from what i see, everyone has one...whether they are aware of it or not

i do not know who wrote that comment in the box. i would change the word art to design. maybe art and design are the same thing. art covers music and dance. design is associated with the visual arts. the quote gets into behavior, words, actions, feelings. way too much to talk about here. but more fun than pondering the chores of the day, eh?

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