Sunday, August 7, 2011

better love leaves

this is the stamp from the garden of love stamps that i have not yet found a design that pleases me. i think this one is very close to being pleasing. i also can't remember if i already posted it. if i did, i will post a second envelope around noon CST.

i think i did the lettering with a gray zig marker. i know i put the white in with a white gel pen. the gray might be colored pencil. or it might be a regular graphite pencil. i mailed this one. clearly, the image is cropped....i don't know why...but, it is gone, so we'll never know.


  1. very nice. I like the way the pointy type lettering mimics the leaves.

  2. thanks...once i gave up on the whole color issue, and just looked at the shapes, i found a solution. lots of fun stuff on your website...i'll have to go back and surf when i allow myself to go back to surfing :-)