Friday, November 8, 2019

Copic Trees - to Lynne and ??

The trees were made with the widest Copic marker. I bought a refill of green ink. There are so many ways to decorate trees. These are not done on the icky shimmer envelopes. I had a stash of nice envelopes that I knew would be friendlier with the Copics.

I was tempted to do all 25 exchange envelopes like this - but then I wouldn't have enough variety for the blog.

Which do you like better? The more traditional stars or the more graphic dots?

I definitely like the dots better. But do not be offended if I sent you the star one. I like it, too. And there is no calculation on my part about who gets the best envelopes. It is completely random.
Often times the length of a name will determine which envelope goes to which exchanger.