Wednesday, June 27, 2012

matisse -

wed = international day + history day. here is an envelope by matisse.
i found it on this page.

treat yourself to some free art history lessons and read all about matisse and click on every single link
and read all that, too. then go scribble some bright yellow flowers on an envelope and mail it to someone.
design lesson from matisse: fill up all the space. i was never a huge fan of matisse and it is probably because he did not leave a lot of white space. but, that is part of understanding design...
and then i look at the details of things like his stars and centers of the flowers
most of them are made with 4 lines, creating 8 spokes.
one has 3 lines and 6 spokes
and one has 5
is this important?
or random?
and checkout the number of petals on the flowers, 4, 5, and 6
does it matter?
bueller? bueller?

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