Saturday, June 2, 2012

ccc - carol

i really like this one. it is not what i intended. i can't remember what i wanted for the O. maybe a reinforcement (one of those little circular stickers). but, whatever i intended, i could not find. so, i started using the spare parts off the edge of the sheet of stamps. there was not enough white, so i added some with a white gel pen.
yesterday i was talking about liking to do three things. this is an example where two was enough and i never would have considered adding any more. unless i did not like the overlap of the green marker. i can see adding green tone-on-tone squares.

tried and true design rule:  return to a unit you already have.
repeat that square. (and it does not have to be obvious...when you are thinking...gee, does this need something else? look at what it already has and use that)

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  1. since the last name and the address are so tight to the name, they actually act as the third part in the whole *composition*, there are three things happening here. sometimes the style of lettering needs three things, other times there are three things going on. i guess that is why it bothers me to have just one stamp and the three lines of the address written in one style. it doesn't feel right until there is something else...the postmark would count, but i hardly ever make the trip to have it imprinted where i think it adds to the composition