Tuesday, November 2, 2010

kathy series

once again, the p.o. did a nice cancel.

here are the upcoming designs for stamps in 2011

# Lunar New Year - Year of the Rabbit
# Black Heritage - Barbara Jordan
# Kansas Statehood
# Ronald Reagan
# Garden of Love - a set of 10 flower stamps
# Jazz
# Legends of Hollywood - Gregory Peck
# Helen Hayes - The "First Lady of Theater"
# The Civil War, 1861 - souvenir sheet of stamps and the first in a five-year series
# Indianapolis 500
# Owney the Postal Dog
# American Treasures - Edward Hopper, The Long Leg - the stamp that was canceled in 2009
# Mercury Project & MESSENGER Mission - a set of 2 stamps, one featuring Alan Shepard
# U.S. Merchant Marine - a block of 4 stamps featuring historic vessels
# American Scientists - Melvin Calvin, Asa Gray, Maria Goeppert Mayer, and Severo Ochoa
# Latin Music Legends - Tito Puente, Carmen Miranda, Selena, Carlos Gardel, and Celia Cruz
# Romare Bearden - set of 4 stamps
# Pioneers of American Industrial Design - set of 12 stamps
# Flags of our Nation - set #5 in the series
# Literary Arts - Mark Twain
# Christmas - Madonna of the Candelabra
# Holiday Contemporary - Holiday Baubles


  1. how did you find the stamps coming out for next year? does the post office list them already? hmmm, will be checking that out after I'm done being nosey on your wonderful blog. I really loved the Snoopy stamps, wish they would bring those back...I see you have Owney the postal dog, I will have to check that out, sounds pretty cute...I'm imagining some cute dog prints walking across an envie...maybe a fire hydrant? LOL

  2. was just perusing the usps site, not finding the 2011 stamps, maybe i'm not looking around in the right spot?? anyways...what i fif find, is some NEAT custom stamps!!! they are a bit above the going postal rate, but for a special occasion may be worth it. maybe you are already aware of this, but thought just in case you weren't i would let you know!!! snail mail, and stamp people unite!!

  3. i found a site with the list by googling. eventually, the usps site will have the list and pictures of each stamp. probably within a month or so. i'll post a link when it is up.
    thank you for your comments