Friday, November 26, 2010

ashleigh brilliant

i posted about these verse-addresses a while back. nobody seems as excited about them as i am. except for ashleigh. it was his idea. i figured i would send one to him. i imagine it is ok to post his address on the internet. he has it posted at his website. he also has directions for how to get to his house. so....if you are in the neighborhood, drop in. buy a postcard or two or ten. he's a charming fellow. you can also commission him to write a verse address. you can commission me, too. but his are much better.

one of these days i am going to post the poem i wrote for my own holiday card. it was one of those years when the postal rates were going up. i might even get really organized and have an advent calendar countdown for the month of december. how cool would that be, to have a piece of mail that arrives every day to open, instead of the calendar. would have to work around sundays. guess the saturday envelope could have a second one inside...note-to-self follow up on this idea

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