Saturday, September 25, 2010

big fat neuland

does anyone know who this exemplar came from? i really should not post things that i just find in my files, especially when i have no idea where they came from. but, this is spectacular neuland. i can't resist sharing it. if i can find out whose it is, i will ask for permission to leave it on the blog. otherwise, i'll take it off. it isn't an envelope, but can't you see an address written in tiny letters in the two horizontal lines of white space?

also, end the top line sooner and leave a space for the stamp and that would make the bottom two lines extend from edge to edge. or peeve the p.o. and put the stamp at the bottom. i never talk like this...but how about "p.o. the p.o." for our envelopes that do not conform to their standards.

there was a bonus envelope yesterday, so, that one counts as the saturday envelope if you think this one does not count.

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